When you apply to jobs, should your resume be in PDF or Word format? Career coaches weigh in and we give you the lowdown on why the format matters. CURRICULUM VITAE (Example Format). PERSONAL DATA: LAST NAME: (ALL CAPS) Name as it appears on your passport: First Name: Middle Name / Other. Microsoft Word CV Samples. To preview CV samples click the image. From there you will be able to download editable Microsoft word CV sample, click on the.

Cv Format Pdf Or Word

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18 CV Templates | CV Template Word Downloads + Tips . PDF (will export as. pdf – recommended if you want to keep the format of the CV. Shri believes that some things in life should be free, including quality Word and PDF template downloads. Best resume formats samples examples format free college graduate sample resume examples of a good essay introduction dental hygiene cover letter samples.

Take a look below to find out which format is best, depending on your situation: Applying to Recruiters or Large Companies? According to the Wall Street Journal , the weak job market and ease of online applications have led many companies turning to Applicant Tracking Systems ATS to help them manage the hiring process.

These searchable databases are the most common way for recruiters and large companies to store, organize, and distribute the resumes they receive. Although PDFs are now accepted for some Applicant Tracking Systems, the Word format is still the preferred file type when submitting to a recruiting company. So if you are submitting your resume to a recruiter, use the.

Expert Tip: Before sending in Word, remember to turn off tracked changes and delete all inserted comments in the file.

Advantages of sending a PDF resume

You can also open up the document properties to make sure the Author Info and Title are correct. If Applying to a Job Posted Online, Use the Format Specified If you are applying for a job online, check the job posting for information on how to send your resume. Most postings will include instructions on how to apply and what format to send your resume in.

Some online applications require plain text only, while some require PDF or Word as an attachment. In any of the case resume format are designed in a way to highlight the best of your abilities in the most readable way. Resume formats make sure that your greatest achievements are right there on the top, ready to be noticed.

The most commonly used and preferred resume formats by Job hunters, Job seekers and Human Resources Managers across is the Reverse Chronological format. As, the name suggests this format highlights your career profile, educational summary or professional profile as it may seem fit for the job. It is like watching a movie backward.

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Choosing what to place first among the three once again should be a well thought over decision. What you place on the top is what you want to be seen first.

If not sure we suggest you take professional advice as these very things which might seem trivial play a vital role in the final decision. Click here to learn more about different resume styles.

Reverse Chronological resume format It's not engraved in time but generally accepted order for Reverse Chronological resume format is A Contact Information The usual, which include your name, contact number, email address.

We also suggest that candidates display their LinkedIn account details on this very section. LinkedIn plays a vital role in Job hiring process and often the job seekers will appreciate if its provided. A personal website if any should also be mentioned.

B Resume Introduction For a moment consider yourself a job hunter. You have a resume at hand which highlights educational qualification of a recent graduate followed by this internship details.

Nothing wrong but it is what they call an out of "shape resume". While the reverse chronological format offers the candidate the liberty to be flexible it also gives an additional responsibility of being very careful of what you place. Be it professional profile, educational qualification or career highlight, be double sure that the placement is correct and as per the requirement. In case of a doubt do not hesitate seeking professional help.

C Professional Experience Apart from your key responsibility, put across that decision of yours which greatly benefitted the organization.

Something that got your promotion, something that made you stand out in the crowd. If justified by numbers, there are huge chances of you being noticed. Do not shy away from using bullet points here.

125 Free Resume Templates For Word

Use of bullet points, numbers of action verbs are what will be noticed in the beginning. D Educational Qualification For someone who has spent a considerable time in the industry can give a quick summary of their degree, college and if in the A listers their score. If you were a back bencher make sure you keep this short and sweet.

Include general industry skills you can find those in the job posting , tools and technology you are familiar with, certifications, a few general personal skills.

Wrap it up with education. Simply list all your degrees highest to lowest , the name of your educational institution and graduation date.

Consider reading a few resume examples to get a better grip of what a stellar application looks like. Planning your Cover Letter Your cover letter is another very useful tool that you can arm yourself with. It is used to introduce yourself to the reader and to highlight some, but not all of your skills. For this reason, your cover letter needs to be engaging and helps to reinforce your key skills that the recruiter will find the most desirable.


Be careful here not to make your cover letter sound like a cold, hard sales pitch. Your resume acts to deliver a list of your skills and accomplishments, but you can use your cover letter to expand a little on how you achieved your key accomplishments — specially the ones that your recruiter is most interested in for the job. A killer cover letter mirrors the language in the job posting.

How to Send Your Resume: as a PDF or Word Document?

Your cover letter is the only mean of showing your unique personality before you are called in for the interview. To get a better grip of this, check out some cover letter examples our team has prepared for you.

Think of your cover letter as a bit of extra elbow room to allow you to explain how your skills and knowledge are a perfect fit for the role on offer and how they can be a bonus to the company. Your cover letter can act as an extra bit of leverage that helps you land the job should it come down to a decision between you and another candidate.Utilising drop caps and text boxes, this CV template has just the right amount of creative flair to catch an employer's eye without detracting from your key information.

Download our 'Peach Marble' alternative template Lush Green Foliage alternative template CV ref A striking one-page template that uses an elegant font and a simple two-column layout. E Additional Skills A man is known by what he does in his free time.

It starts with the usual contact, professional profile or education summary, skills and highlights, relevant skills and personal experience. D Relevant Skills What is it that you are bringing on board which is likely to benefit the organization.

The answer is simple. For example, save it as firstname.

But when should you send your resume in Word format and when should you send it in PDF? Nice initiative Suggestion: Please do suggests the one's, latest trending in the market based on profile.