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eBooks-Library publishes Erle Stanley Gardner (A.A. Fair *, Charles M. Green Download PDF - 'Carved in Sand [Illustrated]' (AESG) · Download ePub. Erle Stanley Gardner () was the best-selling American author of the 20th century, mainly due to the enormous success of his Perry Mason series. Jan 16, Perry Mason Ebook Collection By Erle Stanley Gardner 85 Books | Size: MB | ePub.

Part 24 - ShopliftersShoe. SpuriousSpinster, but it does the same thing with Part 25 and Part Part 23 and earlier work, and Parts work.

It is just Parts that don't download. Euan, Thanks for all the ebooks! I love them! Ebooks Part 3 in. Links are fixed now with proper content. You can now download. Oh btw Case of the troubled trustee is missing. And i found a link here https: Thanks for the books.

However i can't find the case of the musical cow. Could you please upload it?

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I'll be grateful. Oh, sorry for that. I cannot find the actual phantom of fortune copy right now.. I will update the post once I got it. Thx for those lovely books.

Time for Murder

Please help me. If you cannot download from mediafire, make sure that your internet is not restricting access for this site. If it does, install this zenmate to your chrome browser and download again: Hi Cannot download any of the books in any format from part 8 onwards Can you please put the pdf or epub format. I checked the links and the first link is not downloading due to my bandwidth limit reaching its limit but the mirror links are working fine. Try using using them and make sure that Mediafire site is not blocked from your system.

Please use the mirror links. It always works. And make sure that your network provider lets you access Mediafire site.

If you cannot download properly, please read this: Dear Euan Thanks a lot All the mirrors worked fine and i could download. Where does the link take you? This site uses adf. Thank you so much for the awesome Perry Mason downloads!!!

D I have been searching for these everywhere for the longest time!!! I'm glad I was able to come across your website. You are amazing!!!

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D Only issue I encountered was with The Case of the Phantom Fortune which contains a different story though you already addressed that in one of the comments. Again, thanks so much!!! By the way, the case of the moth eaten mink is incomplete. Can you double-check please? I checked both the pdf and txt files, it is already finished. Yes, it says The End on the last page, but before that there is an entire section missing. He goes from Hoxley on the witness stand in the middle of a sentence to the last sentence in the book.

The part in between isn't there. Is there any chance of getting the AA Fair books, i. Bertha Cool and Donald Lam Mysteries? Yes, I found these ebooks. Please wait for the updates.

I will make a new post. Hi Euan, any luck on the following Perry Mason books: The Case of the Phantom of Fortune? The Case of the Burning Bequest? The Case of Too Many Murders? Thank you.

Still nothing with those titles. I have downloaded some ebooks from torrents but the phantom is still the daring divorcee. Thanks for all the books.

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I cannot find the DA series. And the Bertha Cool and Lam series above are the only ones that I can find. I will update it once I got hold of the titles you mentioned. Can ithis be rectified?

Fantastic work.

Thanks and will enjoy reading these for a long time Please keep up this good work Thanks a million!!! Hello Euan Thank you for your kind efforts.

Could you please share links for these: Best regards.

The entire ending of the case of the moth eaten mink is missing! Who dunnit?

Maybe only the shadow knows! The files aren't switched, 15 is posted twice. Looking forward for those by Thomas Chastain! By the way, I've found a decent copy of The Case of the Phantom Fortune is it all right to post it here so you can update the list? How to download in this case? I don't find The Case of the Suspect Sweethearts. If you have that one, please upload it. Hi Euan: Thanks for the so generously sharing the EBooks.

Today, I find that the A. Fair Books of Perry Mason seemed to have been hit by some malware. I keep getting security warnings that I cannot disable; or, I get redirected to a page such as " http: Is there a real problem?

Euan, Great job, very well done I can never thank you enough May force be with you Bro! Link Wrong. Coud like so much have the Book Up For Grabs, epub. Thank you so much for sharing these files. Would you upload Murder Up My sleeve. Hi, are the books still available? It shows the site can't be reached. How to check connected wifi password without root and without app Mobilink Jazz free facebook with pictures latest trick Zong free facebook with pics.

Can you fix them, please? It is the second of the two published Terry Clane novels. Any chance to find the first - Murder Up My Sleeve ? Many thanks for the collection!!! Receive post updates Enter your e-mail ad Remember to verify your e-mail.

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But Mason observes that a bishop who's delivered many sermons is unlikely to stutter.

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In later life, law did play a significant part in his life once again. With friends, he set up what they termed 'The Court of Last Resort', aimed at investigating and attempting to reverse what they perceived as miscarriages of justice because of poor legal representation, or evidential problems.

Gardner himself once wrote: Many of them are both doctors of medicine and lawyers. Others, however, have specialized in the law and then because of interest in the medical aspects of the legal profession have become medicolegal specialists. The point is that the area where law and medicine overlap is a field of vital importance to the public, and yet, one which is little understood by the public. Having studied law in this country as well as in England, Major Rule is currently the Legal Counsel for the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, and has occupied that position since early From time to time in connection with his official activities I have corresponded with him and have been impressed by the man's zeal, his clear-cut understanding of the importance of legal medicine, his high sense of duty, and his feeling that there has been too much separation of law, medicine and law enforcement, and that these sciences should be more closely connected and better understood.

Despite the fact that relatively few people realize it, the Armed Forces have developed nearly as perfect a system for the administration of justice as human minds can devise; and because this is true, they are taking a keen and ever-increasing interest in the field of legal medicine, particularly in co-ordinating forensic pathology with their investigations.

There are several outstanding individuals in this field, and from time to time, with their permission, I intend to dedicate books to them, calling to the attention of the public the work these men are doing and the importance of that work.

Because Major W R Rule has such a clear concept of the importance of legal medicine in the administration of justice and has done so much to improve the administration of justice in and through the military, I dedicate this book to my friend: Erle Stanley Gardner Chapter One Della Street, Perry Mason's confidential secretary, entering Mason's private office, approached the big desk where the lawyer was seated and said, "A law office is the darnedest place.

What brought that up? She seems to feel that there is going to be some question as to her identity and she wants to prove to you who she is, or rather, who she is not. She wishes to do this by showing you the scar of an appendectomy. Or is she laying the foundation for some sort of a shakedown?

I certainly am not going to permit any young woman to walk in here and-" "She wants witnesses present," Della Street said. Mason grinned.

Now, suppose you tell me the whole story now. And she has a very high-powered imagination. The purse dropped to the floor and when it hit it made a heavy thud. She has eyes all over her body but she keeps a poker face and you never know just what she's seen.

However, Gertie has an imagination that can take a button, sew a vest on it and then not only give you a description of the pattern of the vest, but tell you exactly what's in the pockets - and the stuff that's in the pockets is always connected with some romantic drama of Gertie's own particular type of thinking. She has been betrayed by a big, bad monster of a wolf who is now leaving the girl in a strange city to fend for herself.

And Dorrie had decided to confront him with his perfidy and a gun. He will have the horrible alternative of making an honest woman out of her or being the piece de resistance at Forest Lawn.

She has already created the man in the case and clothed him with a whole series of ideas that are very typically Gertie. The man in the case, in case you're interested, is the son of a very wealthy manufacturer. The father has picked out a woman that he wants the boy to marry. The boy is really in love with Dorrie Ambler, but he doesn't want to disobey his father, and the father, of course, is going to disinherit the boy in the event he marries Dorrie. The boy is a nice enough kid, in a way, but rather weak.

When Gertie gets an idea in her head, it's there. She looks like a quiet, retiring young woman but she knows her way around and she wasn't born yesterday. Actually every citizen should do it. It establishes an absolute means of identification. Only a very short time. I want you to - well, I want to establish my identity with you. I want you to look me over, to ,,," She lowered her eyes, ",,, to see the scar of an operation.

He has offices on this floor and does most of my work. We'll see if we can get him to step in for a few minutes.


Della will tell you what this is all about, but I want you to have one or more operatives shadow this young woman when she leaves my office. Keep on her trail until I tell you to stop. Mason tore off the sheet from the pad, handed it to Della Street and said, "Take this down to Paul Drake, will you please, Della?Anonymous April 25, at It would simplify things if you'd ,,," "No ink," she said, laughing nervously. I'm glad I was able to come across your website.

I can never thank you enough Mr Sabin says he's willing to pay any consultation fee. I certainly am not going to permit any young woman to walk in here and-" "She wants witnesses present," Della Street said. Ebooks Part 3 in.