Xhosa, Zulu, Ndebele aDd Swâti colstitute the Nguni gmup, Soutbem. Sotho, Pedi (Noíhem . ând the key to exercises âre found âfter the last unit followed by a Xhosa-EngÌish vocabulary, ân H€/she learns dt school. we aÍe studying lrdây. Speakeasy Languages trading as SpeakeasyXhosa. 85 Fordyce www. brozokpulepsmen.cf No part of .. Where do you know Xhosa from / did you learn it?. Xhosa is phonetic. The sounds are always consistent. This makes learning the language soooooo much easier. Ph is not pronounced ph as in the English word.

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Xhosa Phrasebook. Pronunciation guide. Vowels a like a in hard e like e in red i like ee in seen o like a in all u like oo in moon. Consonants d, f, h, j, l, m. We-ready! Evidence of Changing Xhosa (sign in Butterworth – eGcuwa) p Greater Dictionary of Xhosa Vol.3 (Fort Hare Lexicography Unit). Zama - #1. To greet and respond to basic greetings in Xhosa, To understand the culture of greetings in Xhosa. Learn the following kinship terms, and their meanings.

There seems to be PDF copy available at archive. Ubuntu Bridge — Confident isiXhosa series. Xhosa: A Cultural Grammar for Beginners. Patricia Schonstein Apparently a new version will be released c.

This dictionary is replete with example sentences and up-to-date vocabulary, as well as occasional notes on usage. There is a middle section containing useful grammar charts and information about Xhosa parts of speech. Fischer et al This dictionary is very large and extensive — but its only one way, from English to Xhosa.

Otherwise, for beginner and intermediate learners, the school dictionary is far more helpful. Play interactive language games, learn new words, test your knowledge with fun quizzes. Last update 9 Aug. Users rating: You will hear the language all of the time and, using the recording games, you can start speaking straight away. Play interactive language games, learn new words along with pictures to reinforce your memory, test your knowledge with fun quizzes.

As soon as you start playing you start learning. Earn points for every game you play. High scorers can go on to win bronze, silver and gold awards, which you can print out as a record of achievement. It gives you easy-to-achieve goals. Learning a new language is far too big a task to tackle all at once, so the course is broken down into a series of rewarding challenges.

You can learn on the move. Carry on learning in the airport lounge or the ferry without a computer. Just print out the phrasebook sheets included in the program and take them with you, or upload the program's sound files onto an iPod. Alice Univeniry ol Fon Hare, You o. I recenlpast tente su. Verb endings ote the so. On Note: No qtticle lit. I'm fine. The clicks m. UJenny Ewesisi. Umququzelelikazi Uxolo. EM 23 go pl. Ndiycvuyo ukutu. With one per6on: You s. You pl. Hellomy child! A lildeboy: You p1.

It is fo os. Thetha iritrhosa! SeeUnit 4 for nore examples.

The context denotestranslationof the peposition. UNIT] I. Sit down!. The tus. S""S j Goodbyewhen a friend is leaving.

In everyday use? Ask one person c k tq. Kunicni ngokuphungo? NiffDa irto yokuphunp? Nikhelhc inro yokuselq? N How to Membss trace their kinship to a Note: Tolo,Zulu, Mchenge,Mdbh. They tre sbrdyingd. French 'roi'.

Bailnda a. Childrentake then father's claDname. I am well. Uhlda phi? This ir my son. We teach tq4. Do you l now zr? I know. I love]rta oit. I an JeDny. I see. Idiomatic exFession: Who is it?

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In the preseni tensepositive -ya. This is child Chlldrcn.

This rl my child. Abozqlo pqllnt ore brofher ond. This is our son. Abonlwono doughler inlombi son unyano Lo ng. Complete the questions and answer them 0 Do you rvantto sit outside? Do you want to sit inside? Lo ngumyeni uPeter. Invite someotreimo your home: UThemba Heke.

As manylanguagesas utom! UThemba AyinansebeMi 1oonto yol: Enye tnto. Ndiqonda kancinci nje.

PhurukGzi is.. Do you hear rr"? Ilntoni '. I do rdt tnow how. I bes you G. I do'll cotree. Me too. Nat i. Similar to the French 'noi'.

As for. How is it? Utuna ntoni? What do you want? It is all right. It is hot. The concept ol 'Uburrlrr' 6 Impersonal kt. It is how? Its Aftica's family.

13.Teach Yourself Xhosa.pdf

How to apply.. Somgone snvs? Yiva imithandazoyethu. Sikelela Nkosi. Yiza Moya Oyingcwele. Ufuna amanzi? God blessus. God blessAftica. Its family. Zulu and Sotho. ComqO Spirit. Sotho group: Nonhfl Prcvince a. SouthAftica has nine otricial languages: UThemba Bwe. Uya khona L: Speakingabout work UPeter Akafundisi sil olweni. UPeter Oo. Uchon' uaa. UThemba Mm. Ukuthetha ngomsebenzi UThemba Ujermy.

UPeter Mna. LlThemba Ewe. Uyazi isaci sesixhosasithi: UThemba Wena. This r'smy son. Respond to being osked where you aotk To express'am'.. Say uhqt you" occup. We'Il see. Intle loo 4to.

13.Teach Yourself Xhosa.pdf

I work fo! Now induce other eKintenbosch. They 4e snakeandfrog. They 4q greatenemies. Say in Xhosa Hayi. UThandi Ubisi qld. Ujenny Uxolo ngokunilindisa ixesha elide. Helsheir a rhino. UPeter Inene. UJemy Thandi. UThemba Hayi. I apologise Wherc are they talking? UNIT4 tit. Mnq ndizithandakaf. Yhol ilanga lithe shwaka.

Imnandi kalhulu! Iphairrlayi sekeyiki? LsZ4 engineers.

I Mote object conco'. Urthanda njani! Cultural background Do''?


I don? Ndiya4lacela arzseberzi. SeeUnit 2. Ilere are tbe spoons. You how? The Iocative-s. Uphi uDavid? At last. I am thirsty. It is cool. I am tired. I amhungry. D Luphi. A David. D How is work? UThandi 'Lindiwe. B Enkosi. Are you tDarmenough? In this U'art Wu uill leam how to: UPeter Jenny.

UThemba Hayi enkosi. Utuna into yokusela? The sun is shining. It is warm. I lotte it! It is becomingcool. It is cold outside! How to. It's hot! It's raining. Irh misty. It's humid. Cultural background oit. I think ir is going to raitr! Poem and songs I Hon. My dressis wet. It shouldgo. Notei No concordin Ctass6 arrr-. Ungen' efesrileni. Planshavecometo an end. I'll try.

The taskshavenot ended. Csn you. Unit As you can seethe future tenseis formed in the following way: Musari uku. Tu[i L: I csn come. Can you help na? L is cool. Can I comein? Yimini 9. I can't help you. Umqhubiwemoto Nam. How do you know? UJenny emsebenzini - e Somebodysays: I congratulateand expressgood wishes Ihlobo 'Ewe.

Jennv ot worK. UMark Mna. Umlhengisi-petroli Enkosi. UVAI Uxolo. Umthengisi-petofi Heke. Uletrny Heke. Uyasaziisixlosa inene! UVal Inene! Mhlawumbi ndiza kukutyelela apho! Val nosaly! UVal NguNkosikaziMu. Val nosaly. Umoya ungakanani? Ndikhohlclq ndihombo. Ask how you moy help someone Sonwobile lekhoyo. I om going olong slowly. We ore hoppy ot homel.

Hoveyouwoken up? We ore limping soins olons. I om hqppy. We ore'coughingolong'. I om limping soinsolons. I wish d. Good luck! The remote p.

I dnrhappy. This latent i. The studentsliav? Unit 3. Ienza jkofu. When using vowel and one-syllable verbs to give instructions. M I l3 ndi. Umqhubi Hayi. I'm stopping. Ungandiphaizilshixo keys? Unit 4. I'm coming. Umqhubi Ewe. Ndisule neefestile? UVal Hayi. UVal Oo. C Pleasesive me your addrcss. I am ur I namsanoa l.

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Hlalani phantsi. UMama Iphethweyindoko. Ndingugqirha Thamsanqa. UMarna Ewe gqirha. Nanku unopopi.

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UThandi Kulungile. Nasi isituto. I ask someone'sage UMama Ewe. I haveeye6 i. I have a soreneck. I have a soreleg. I have an eye i. I have a leg i. I have a foot i.I have an eye i. He believed. Thcreater Dictiarr md ,ruRlrhtlE r nmedaner e two brctheE.

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