This entails the three books of the Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan, who also wrote all the Percy Jacksonish world relate books. The Throne of Fire (The Kane Chronicles, Book 2). Ever since the gods of Ancient Egypt were unleashed in the modern world, Carter Kane and his sister Sadie. The heroes of olympus. The kane chronicles. Rick Riordan. Rick Riordan - [The Heroes of Olympus 01] - The Lost brozokpulepsmen.cf MB.

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The Kane Chronicles is a series of novels by Rick Riordan. Based on Egyptian mythology, the story follows characters Carter and Sadie Kane in their quest to. The Kane Chronicles has 16 entries in the series. Rick Riordan Author (). cover image cover image of The Red Pyramid (The Kane Chronicles Book 1). All three books in the blockbuster Kane Chronicles trilogy are together at last! This series will be treasured by readers of all ages, whether they're experiencing .

Battling against the forces of Chaos, their only hope is an ancient spell - but the magic has been lost for a millennia. Will they find the serpent's shadow, or will they be led to their deaths in the depths of the Underworld? He lives in San Antonio, Texas, with his wife and two sons.

The series has gone on to become a chart-topping success. Rick Riordan, dubbed 'storyteller of the gods' by Publishers Weekly, is the author of five New York Times number-one bestselling book series with millions of copies sold throughout the world: To learn more about Rick and his books, you can visit him at www. Toggle navigation.

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The Serpent’s Shadow (Kane Chronicles, Book 3) by Rick Riordan

Add to Wishlist Add to Wishlist. They are accompanied by cat goddess, Bast and their uncle, Amos. Sadie and Carter have blood of Pharaoh and make them the strongest magician at the time.

Hosting with Gods can make them stronger but also can burn them up if they cannot control the power. In the end of the first book, the siblings successfully defeat Set by using his secret name and banished him in Duat, the magical realm that coexisted with mortal world but Sadie realized that Set is not their biggest threat.

The biggest threat is God of Chaos, Apophis.

The second book: The Throne of Fire opens with Sadie, Carter and their young initiates, Waltz and Jaz went to the Brooklyn museum to find the section of Book of Ra in order to revive Ra because the siblings realized that to defeat Apophis, the serpent and also God of Chaos, they need Ra, God of the Sun and king of gods in their side.

By this time, Sadie and Carter already make Brooklyn house as their headquarters to train the young magicians who flow blood of Pharaoh in their veins.

In the end of the story, the siblings successfully revive Ra but it is not like what they expected. Ra become old, weak, senile and powerless and Doomsday is getting near.

But they failed and Apophis successfully burned the book. The siblings realized that the only way to defeat Apophis is to capture his shadow.

This is a dangerous risk that the siblings have to take. There is no other choice.

The only way to know the whereabouts of the shadow is to cooperate with the psychotic murderous villain magician, Setne. At first their father disagree with the siblings decision Now Dr.

The Throne of Fire (The Kane Chronicles Book 2): The Throne of Fire

Setne wants to control the serpent so that he can destroy the world as he wants. Thankfully, Sadie came in time to save Carter and Zia. Setne successfully escape from Land of Demon.

Bes took them to the mortal world, Egypt.

The situation in the mortal world is in chaos. Finally, Carter convinced the magicians and the gods to work together if they want to destroy Apophis for good.

Gods and magicians fight together side by side.Eventually, the world be at peace. Subscribe to: Kane brings the siblings together for a "research experiment" at the British Museum, where he hopes to set things right for his family.

And their meeting isn't exactly friendly. His Tres Navarre series went on to win the top three national awards in the mystery genre — the Edgar, the Anthony and the Shamus.