Maggie returns to the place of her birth and her world suddenly turns into a sensual, but dangerous delight. The rainforest holds secrets of her birthright and a. Feehan, Christine - The Awakening · Read more · Christine Feehan - Leopards Series. Read more · Feehan, Christine - The Awakening · Read more. The Awakening By Christine Feehan - FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan takes readers deep into the exotic Borneo rainforest as she introduces the Leopard people in this. Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for Christine Feehan and her Leopard novels “ The queen of paranormal romance I love everything she does.”—J. R. Ward. The Awakening. Leopard People (Series). Christine Feehan Author (). cover image of Wild Rain: Burning Wild: Wild Fire.

We're along for the ride as Maggie Odessa goes to the Borneo rain forest to find ou A nice introduction to the Leopard series.

We're along for the ride as Maggie Odessa goes to the Borneo rain forest to find out about her birth parents. She's been lured there by Brandt Talbot, the man who happens to be her destined mate.

He's known for some time that she was his mate in their race they spend lifetimes looking for their mates. Maggie has no idea that she's a Leopard shifter. She's getting some feelings and physiological changes that don't make sense and are actually quite embarrassing, including some amorous feelings when that wasn't a problem before now.

At first, Brandt seems a bit stalkerish.

I don't mind that if it's done well. It was a little weird in this book.

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He was stalking along beside Maggie in panther form when she arrives with some of the Leopard Men to their village. I was like, could you just say hi already? When Saria's friend, Bijou Breaux, comes to stay for a bit, Remy remembers the little girl that he promised to help all those years ago.

Now a sultry jazz singer, he can't seem to forget her. She is the sheltered grand-daughter of a crime lord, although she doesn't even know it. Elijah Lospostos is a rival to her grandfather.

When her grandfather is assassinated, she has no choice but to turn to Elijah. This book brings in some characters from the previous books. You get to see how Emma is doing and how things have settled for Catarina.

The story is intense. Both in the plot line and in the love scenes.

I think that Maggie and Brandt are a really excellent match, although I didn't feel that way at all about the couple in "Cat's Lair. That was very well done.

I felt like I was seeing and feeling everything along with her. The rainforest and its flora and fauna was beautifully rendered in Feehan's descriptive pose. I wouldn't love the humidity or the insects, but I would love seeing so much vibrant life firsthand.

This was pretty darn steamy. Less of the off color words that are in the newer books, but no less steamy.

Christine Feehan

Great chemistry between Maggie and Brandt. Not hard to believe they loved each other, even in this short format.

The suspense aspect was a little weak, to be honest. Feehan was a bit preachy about the environmental message.Both in the plot line and in the love scenes.

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Maggie, a veterinarian of exotic cats, has always dreamed of working in the wild but settled for a zoo job. However, I didn't read a well-developed fantasy story with some elements of romance, as I initially thought. In the middle of the jungle she encounters Rio, an outcast, and things really start to heat up. He has selfish motives for bringing Maggie, with a bit of deceit, and his best interest at heart.

View 1 comment. You get to see how Emma is doing and how things have settled for Catarina.