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General Chemistry Principles and. Structure, Thlrd Edition, SI Version. James E. Brady and Gerard E. Humis- ton, John Wiley & Sons, Somerset, NJ,. xix +. General Chemistry: principles and structure by James E. Brady; 35 editions; First published in ; Subjects: In library, Textbooks, Science textbooks, Protected. General Chemistry by James E. Brady, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The two hundred eight pages of text are apportioned as follows. A three-page appendix gives directions for preparation of some special reagents, a table of densities and boiling points of some organic liquids, and an abridged table of atomic weights. The index occupies five pages. The experiments illustrate the reactions and methods of preparation appropriate t o an elementary course. I n any ordinary course it will be necessary t o include only a selection of the numerous experiments described, some of which present alternative procedures.


To assist this selection there are given two lists of experiments, grouped into three-hour periods, and suggested as suitable for shorter and longer courses of thirty-four and sixtyeight periods, respectively. The experiments are on the whole conventional, most of them appearing in other familiar manuals. The number of brief experiments of the test-tube variety, including some rather special tests, appears to be relatively large. In earlier preparative experiments yields are not emphasized and are sometimes not mentioned; later experiments usually state definitely the yields to be expected.

Several individual features may be mentioned, ois.

The experiments on cyanides, proteins and carbohydrates are more numerous than is usual in elementary manuals. A commendable feature of the ethyl acetate experiment is the inclusion of the comnositions and hoiline- ooints of constant-boiline mix. As you can imagine, it is extremely difficult to distil this type of substance. In fact, the most concentrated form of ethanol, an azeotrope, is around Azeotropes exist in solution at a boiling point specific for that component.

This is best represented graphically and the phase diagram of a maximum-boiling point azeotrope can be seen in the following figure. The point Z represents where the azeotrope exists at a certain boiling point.

This demonstrates that an azeotrope can only exist at one temperature because any higher or lower temperature would result in a different concentration of component A or B. Also, a maximum-boiling point azeotrope is said to be a negative azeotrope because the boiling point of the azeotrope itself is higher than the boiling point of its components. As you can imagine, a positive azeotrope would have a lower boiling point than any of its components.

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General chemistry : principles and structure

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Princeton: Princeton Universiry Press. Abrams, Vogt, E. Description The Fifth Edition retains the pedagogical strengths that made the previous editions so popular, and has been updated, reorganized, and streamlined.

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