A PDF / physical, condensed version of my portfolio, demonstrating some of what I consider my best work. After high school I started my study Industrial Design at the. Technical University in Eindhoven and completed my first year's degree in Although I learned. See more ideas about Graphics, Industrial design portfolio and Product design. Martha Toledo > Industrial Design Portfolio Portfolio Pdf, Portfolio Layout.

Industrial Design Portfolio Pdf

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PRODUCT DESIGN PORTFOLIO Darja Osojnik. INTRODUCTION. Darja Osojnik. I am Darja Osojnik and I love my life. I love it because I have choosen the best. As intern at the Community Design Center of Rochester, I spent the summer developing base maps for a vision plan project for the Ibero community within the . points in the product design process. Worked on large one of the top industrial design schools in the world, .. portfolio, these are summaries of other projects.

Be prepared to discuss the different products you have designed, and how you came up with your ideas.

Choose projects you feel enthusiastic about, so your client can have a chance to see the passion that drives you. Prepare a backup portfolio When it comes down to plain and simple photos, a tablet is the easiest way to share your work.

Why you chose the design features that made it unique, what excited you about the project, and how the product impacted you personally are part of it, too. Sharing the story of how a product came to exist is a great way to help your portfolio stand out from the dozens of others the recruiter is looking at. Let your potential client see that by taking the time to tell the story of some of your favorite products.

Industrial Design Portfolio

Industrial design by Ridley Your prospective client will still be able to see the professional quality of your work and your enthusiasm for the project will help carry the interview forward.

If you have a strength, showcase it Everyone submitting a portfolio for the job you want will have a strong background in design. Taking the time to figure out what you excel at when it comes down to product design can help you land more jobs. Do you have an intuition for how to make a product more ergonomic?

Do you have a flair for visual design?

Can you spot safety issues from a mile off? Perhaps you have a passion for environmentalism and love making products that are both functional and sustainable. Get your portfolio critiqued before you send it out It can be hard to face criticism, even the constructive type, but putting your portfolio in front of a fresh pair of eyes can help you spot mistakes before the recruiter does.

As an added benefit, showing your work to different people will also help you practice talking about the designs, and answering unexpected questions they may have. Creating a great portfolio takes work. Your portfolio may only be glanced over for a few minutes, but those minutes could mean the beginning of a great relationship with a new client or a dismissal. Creating the best possible work you can set you up for the best possible chance at success, and help you stand out from other industrial designers.

Your recruiter will be able to see the difference in your properly polished portfolio and that will lead to getting more of the jobs you want.

Cad Crowd has a vast database of vetted and confidential professionals who can do just that. Turn your designs into photorealistic images with our 3D rendering services. Add attractive packaging to your product with our packaging design services. Or protect your intellectual property with our patent services. The entire app works seamlessly with iOS10, keyboard function being just one example of many, the brand guidelines of iOS10 have been a heavy influence for layout.

It uses carefully selected information gained by sensors and live data to reduce the stresses involved with the daily bicycle commute. The watch app is significantly more simplistic, with the smartphone sending key information such as directions, weather and traffic updates to it.

The watch app pairing allows for safer use of the app for users who may not have a phone bicycle mount. The product should have a clearly identified target user, and increase task enjoyment, convenience or functionality. Overall project duration: 7 days time management illustration productivity photoshop p18 I have experienced first hand some of the common issues with mould and damp in rented accommodation, and from some initial market research I found that an affordable dehumidifier is not currently available on the market, and the current selection of potential alternatives are out of the student budget.

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Dehumidifiers are renowned for their excessive use of electricity, this is due to the sheer size of the product, their inefficiency in fluctuating external temperatures and the complexity of the system. Many products are sent to landfill because their different parts are difficult to separate, and in turn the user has to go through unnecessary heights if they wish to recycle a product at the end of its life.

Humidity in rented accomodation is a nationwide issue, student housing in particular is renowned for its problems with damp. A small, affordable product to help manage this growing issue is not currently available on the market. Inspiration for form has been taken from existing products of a similar function such as air conditioning systems and desktop speakers, with the aim to develop an interesting aesthetic whilst keeping some details from products that users are familiar with.

Situation: Jessica is currently in the second year of her degree, and is sharing student housing for the first time. Since moving in she has noticed a large amount of damp in the house and is struggling to combat this.

Goals: Jessica wants an affordable solution to her damp problem, alongside a product to water her plants. The product should be compact in size allowing Jessica to move it from room to room with ease. The curved surface on the dehumidifier module enables an ergonomic grip on the product, increasing convenience for carrying.

Additional plant modules can be added which increases the cavity size for the plant, this prevents the plant outgrowing the pot.

Modules simply twist into one-another, allowing quick and easy disassembly.

Industrial Design Portfolio

Overall project duration: 12 weeks manufacturing teamwork time management brand research p22 The initial stages of the project involved creating a development portfolio for my widget and its corresponding mould tool. Upon completion of the individual work, we collaborated as a group of six, and chose one mould tool to take forward into manufacture.

To create toolpaths for the CNC machine, we first constructed a CAD model of our widget, we then removed cavities from our two mould halves to match the widget proportions. When complete we used HSM works within solidworks to determine which tool would cut which part of the mould, taking into account depth of cut aswell as the type of cut needed.

Using the CNC machine we did a series of blue foam trials to ensure that the process would work without any issues, upon a succesful blue foam run we then cut the final tool halves from aluminium. We produced working drawings from our CAD mould halves and insert files, these were used during the manufacturing stage to ensure that different parts would correctly fit in relation to one-another.

The final tool to be manufactured is shown below, it is very complex with a total of eight individual inserts, additionally it is also made up of seven 6mm pins, and four M3 screws.

In 13, hour weeks, a total number of 1. The mould tool will be radially injected, injecting 3 widgets per cycle. Inserts are either permanently fixed to the mould halves, or on hydraulic clamps that are automatically removed and inserted by robots.

Even though this was a group project and there being a lot of work to be distributed, I tried to ensure that I could experience all areas of the manufacturing process. I programmed all CNC cutting paths myself with one other group member, I also used the lathe to create location pins, and the manual milling machine to cut various inserts. Upon completion of the mould tool, we injected the polymer into it.

We did not initially get a complete fill of each cavity, however we experimented with the pressure and fill speed along with the gate size until we had successfully injected our mould tool.

The top right shows the first completely successful injection, taken upon the opening of the mould tool. An entirely individual project, taking a design from sketch proposal to final CAD model and render. Overall project duration: 6 weeks keyshot rendering cad modelling product analysis p28 My product is marketed for children of both genders, they are obsessed with action sports especially BMX.

How Long Should Your Design Portfolio Be?

Due to their age and a lack of practice, they are not currently competent on a two wheeled bike. The scooter is designed to safely give them an opportunity to improve their balance, whilst giving the feeling of BMXing.

Fundamental visual aspects of the final design were taken directly from the form of a BMX. The reasoning for this was to create an aesthetically interesting product which was unique yet familiar. This image modelled in solidworks and rendered in keyshot shows all components from the final assembly model. Attention to detail was a key part of this project as the relations and constraints between individual components are quite intricate.

The design of the handlebars allows degree rotation, in turn opening up a new world of possibilities for tricks to perform.

The model consists of a total of 25 individual components, all parts have been constrained in relation to one another within the solidworks assembly.Principle 2. Our selection process. The traditional paper portfolio has advantages in that it is a tangible document that looks good and the students feel a sense of accomplishment when they hand in their portfolios at various times during the semester.

In addition, it was also more satisfying in terms of providing thorough and comprehensive feedback on student work throughout the studio Principle 3. Assesment Manifesto: In order to do this, you need to show your thought process and how you got to the end solution.