HR Macros. ➢ Use of Provide statement. ➢ Cluster reading for Payroll results. ➢ Example of PA letters infotype (Customer defined). SAP. ABAP HR. This introductory tutorial gives a brief overview of the features of SAP HR and how This tutorial is designed to configure the HR module of SAP in an easy and. SAP AG. Report Programming in HR. April 3. Icons. Icon. Meaning. Caution . Example. Note. Recommendation. Syntax.

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This post contains two PDF Guides to start a journey as ABAP HR developer and to understand the difference between the 'classic ABAP' and. brozokpulepsmen.cf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or SAP ABAP HR Uses of Infotype • Maintaining Employee Information by Date. hi every one. Can any one help me in providing links for ABAP HR material. Rajesh brozokpulepsmen.cf .

In accordance with the naming convention, the first two letters stand for the application. If no entry is found, the value is 0.

Clusters in HR TX PCL2 contains the following data areas: ZL Personal work schedule We can use these commands to store any data object - such as fields, structures or internal tables - on the database, or to read them from the database.

Data is read and written using a unique key. The name of each subarea must include a two-character cluster name or relation ID. In the international payroll results, for example, the field RELID contains the cluster name RX and the field SRTFD contains the eight-digit personnel number as well as a five-digit sequence number for each individual payroll result for a payroll period.

The deletion utilities should only be used for testing. Archiving takes place to reduce the amount of data in the database.

Enhancement and Creation of Infotypes Enhancement of Infotypes Enhancement and Creation of Infotypes Infotype needs to be enhanced sometimes to add our own fields to the existing infotype fields.

Start the transaction Enhance Infotype, transaction code PM The Create Infotype screen appears. Choose Enhance Infotype Tab Enhancement and Creation of Infotypes 3.

In the Infotype Number field, enter the four-digit number of the infotype you want to enhance When you enter the infotype number, remember to enter any leading zeros. It is not possible to enhance a single screen for the Actions infotype , or the Time Management infotypes. Enhancement and Creation of Infotypes 4. Press Enter. Then create the fields required on the screen. In this case Train Route Enhancement and Creation of Infotypes 6. The following screen appears. Now if we go to Infotype of any employee we can see the field added.

Enhancement and Creation of Infotypes Note: While enhancing the single screen of an infotype a module pool program ZPnnnn00 will be created and that can be modified by ourselves.

We have to modify the screen number for adjusting the screen elements and appearance of the enhanced screen.

For every infotype there is a dialog module associated with it. The single screen of an Infotype will be and the list screen will be Here nnnn denotes 4-digit infotype number. Choose Enhance List screen Tab 3. In the Infotype Number field, enter the four-digit number of the infotype you want to enhance the list screen.

In this example Train Route Now if we go to Infotype overview screen of any employee we can see the field added. While enhancing the list screen of an infotype a module pool program ZPnnnn00 will be created if it is not available already with an include ZPnnnn We cannot modify the screen appearance of the added field since it will be directly added to the list screen of the module pool MPnnnn Enter the 4 digit infotype number. Click on extend button.

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Enhancement and Creation of Infotypes 2. Select the menu Infotype Enhance list screen.

Enter the fields and activate the structure ZPLISnnnn and these fields entered will appear in the infotype's overview screen. Enhancement and Creation of Infotypes Creation of Infotypes Enhancement and Creation of Infotypes Infotype needs to be created when you cannot store the required information in any of the standard infotypes.

Creation of PA Infotypes 1. Enter the four digit Infotype number starting from The following popup appears.

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The new screen for entering the required infotype field appears. Activate the structure PSnnnn and the required infotype details are created. Enhancement and Creation of Infotypes 5. Then our major duty is to maintain the infotype characteristics. Copy the entry from existing infotype to the newly created one and change the characteristics of our infotype accordingly.

New Infotype Enhancement and Creation of Infotypes Details of customization Enhancement and Creation of Infotypes If you goto PA30 transaction for Infotype 9nnn you can find the infotype fields entered. Other than these the creation of both types of Infotype remain the same. Enhancement and Creation of Infotypes Let us see the procedure of creating a table Infotype, Enhancement and Creation of Infotypes 1.

In our example it is Also enter the description of the Infotype. Finally an information message appears as follows: What we have to add is the Time constraint and Infotypes per object type. Similarly I can add the infotypes per object type as follows Enhancement and Creation of Infotypes HR master data info types - nnnn between and HR planning data info types - nnnn between and HR time data info types - nnnn between and Not yet used - nnnn between and Variant 1: Reporting in HR Variant 2: Variant 3: Generally used for Time Infotypes.

Reporting in HR Variant 4: Reporting in HR 2. This statement will retrieve the contents of the specified fields from the internal tables itab1, itab2, Reporting in HR 3. Reporting in HR Data Retrieval 1.

They consist of the personnel number, the fields of infotypes and , and a number of additional fields. You can access the data in this structure for processing. For this reason, each record has a start date and an end date.

This example shows the jobs that an employee has performed over the course of a year. The decision on how to retrieve data is made for each individual infotype. Reporting in HR Some important fields 1.

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CHECK language. Reporting in HR Example for understanding the repetitive structure Say, for an employee you want to know that for what all wage type an employee is eligible for the latest period you mentioned on the selection screen.

GET pernr. Here is an example of an infotype record: Here is a simple demonstration ABAP: IF mydates-dar NE space. W RITE..

CABB 00 0 1 01 This must take place individually for each personnel number to be processed. Values are returned in an internal table, the structure of which corresponds to the appropriate infotype table. An infotype record is selected if its validity period overlaps with the specified period. The return table contains all required records 4: Use the matchcode to search for and then select the form.

The system only acts on the object data you enter as a filter name of your HR Form. Enter the name of the HR form and a short name in Figure 2, and then press Enter.

Then click the Interface tab in Figure 3 to see a list of a set of methods. You can raise an exception for example: raise reject in a final PDF so that no empty page is displayed.

During payroll, the system writes the Basic Pay wage type to the results table with two different indicators. These split indicators are a link to the WPBP table that contains the relevant values. The system takes into consideration both data records for the corresponding partial periods when calculating remuneration for specific wage types.

You use this method to avoid having multiple lines in a payslip in one period. A split indicator, WPBP for example, causes a wage type to be split in a period with multiple lines displaying in a payslip. You use this method to execute operations immediately after printing a form.

Also, this method provides two file formats, PDF and page description language PDL , that you can send via ABAP code by email immediately after printing based on information stored in infotype For example, you can download the form without printing it so that you can send it to employees who do not have access to a company portal.

Figure 4 Attributes to send an email to employees Click the Sourcecode tab in Figure 4 to add the code shown in Figure 5 to enable immediate print and spool once the print is finished.

Once you finish your payroll run, execute the payroll log in the background by clicking Program in the menu bar and selecting the Execute in Background option. Once you run the payroll log, you create PDF payslips in the background. Refer to the second part of this series to see how to generate the driver print.

The spool ID is also generated in background. To get the spool ID, run transaction code SP It is created for this example immediately when all payslips are created Figure 8.

Merge the PDFs into one document. First, print all the payslips in the background Figure 7 to generate a spool. Figure 11 This function module gives information about where the PDF files are stored 2. This action takes you to Figure The report has a lot of features for merging files and displaying them as a PDF file. A pop-up screen appears Figure 14 in your window to ask you to provide the path of files you need to merge.

Figure 14 Provide the path for storing PDFs to merge into a single file Click the OK button and a second pop-up screen appears asking you to save the file Figure The name merged.This module pool is the main program for the maintenance interface for the infotype.

Most of the time in SAP the answer for many things come from a lot of sources.


Time constraint 2: Using ABAP, is there a simple way to convert a floating point number to a packed field? Employee Name c. Based on this filter value, the system decides which active add-in implementation to execute. There is 1 person but its displaying that this person cannot be booked. Deepak Saikia. Note: The breakpoint tool