This is a guide to the basic elements that make up Skype. Have a read, it will help you get to know us a little better. Our logo. Our typeface. If you have a spine, visit our complete brand guidelines at Username: skype. Password: br4nd. Page 2. 3. Contents. 4. A conversation. Detailed information regarding Skype's brand guidelines.

Skype Brand Book Pdf

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Thanks to Issuu, there's an online version of Skype's Brand Book. Download PDF versions of the Skype Brand Books here: Download the. Skype Brandbook. 1. How welook. 2. This is a guide to the basic elementsthat make up Skype. Have a read, it willhelp you get to know us a little. Skype Brand Identity Book and Guidelines are another example of corporate identities done right. Some argue that this set of guidelines could.

Skype Logo and Brand Guidelines

Please feel free to follow the links I have provided to the either the companies or agencies to see some other amazing projects. Do you know of a great brand guidelines document out there that we missed? Maybe one that you worked on? Leave a note in the comments for others to check it out! It includes a series of ready-made folders where you can upload and share logos, layout instructions, executive team photos, and other brand related assets.

You can check it out here: Brand guidelines are basically an internal document which sets out how the brand will look in all […]. For some examples of brand guidelines, in use and behind the scenes, check out 36 Great Brand Guideline Examples from Content […].

I just discovered these guys… if you want to have savvy digital brand style guide in an instant! There are some great examples here if you want to see more. It will include information about the brand proportions, color policy, […].

Seems digital guidelines is the new thing for designers and that several companies are now offering a service for it. Recently came across https: You can figure that out if you create brand guidelines. These are documents you create that nail down the core visuals, colors, typography and other style […].

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Log In. Jump to Section… 1. Cohesive Brand Guidelines 2. Typographic Brand Guidelines 3. Extensive Brand Guidelines 4.

Minimalist Brand Guidelines 5. Grid-Based Brand Guidelines 7. Inspirational Brand Guidelines. Share this: LinkedIn Twitter Email. Simon Andrys Simon joined Content Harmony after six years in apparel design and product development. Simon obtained his B. Comments 26 […] 36 Great Examples of Brand Guidelines, http: Wow, this is a huge honour.

Thanks for featuring my work on your site! This is great! Filecamp is pretty cool! So gonna use this! Their style guide depicts all sorts of materials that you would find in cook books, helping to turn a simple homemaker into a world-class chef! Check out their style guide here. Animal Planet The television station that aims to teach the world about millions of animal species that inhabit this earth has taken its reputation and expanded its branding internationally.

Their cool logos and colour values will you give an insight into how to successfully market any business. Be inspired and take a look via issue here.


Starbucks The Starbucks style guide presents a comprehensive and candid illustration of their brand logo. The manual itself is well presented and gives succinct guidelines on their inline block based grid lines and float based grid lines. For some inspiration, take a look via their online website here. The nuances in the colour, background, size and spacing is specified across the guide.

The significance of brand identity and its associated guidelines are also explained well. This digital style guide is a visual treat! Check it out via Pinterest here. The guide uses the classy Mastercard colouring to dress up the style in the overall presentation.

Take a look for yourself via their website. Microsoft This guide is both easy to use and read! Interactive, fun, and very stylish, it is everything you would expect from Microsoft. It uses a range of grids and charts and is easy to understand.

There are plenty of pictures and images to make the brand personality clear for readers. Take a look via their online website here. The style guide walks through its logo designs, colour palettes, topping icons, brand protection and premiums. Take a look for yourself via Sribd here. Wordpress Looking for a simple and stylish guide?

Check it out for yourself on their online website here. Lloyds The feel of the Lloyds style guide reflects the company it was designed for. With understated colours and strong text, this guide presents their marketing materials clearly. There are great examples of logo and colour included just for you to browse through.

100 Brand Style Guides You Should See Before Designing Yours

Take a look via issuu here. Best download This Best download style guide is not only colourful but well written! It has plenty of grids and charts to help readers understand how to effectively use colour and text. There are detailed sections on logo usage, typography, photography, icon styles and print examples.

Check it out via Issuu here. Cisco Bright and colourful, this guide is anything but boring. Though rather compact and frugal with visual aides, this guide nonetheless covers the basics without being too wordy. The Cisco style guide is nicely laid out and uses style and colour to keep the reader engaged. It is easy to understand and gets straight to the point!

The style guide features a range of graphics and logos that reinforce the brand image throughout the manual.

Take a look here. Very explicit illustrations; on what is acceptable and non-acceptable in the usage of the logo is provided to the viewer. There are notes on company brand name and trade name with specifications on usage, and products with their descriptors, with a concluding one on legal and trademark information and copyright. Check out their style guide for essential tools, tips and assets.

Get inspired and read through it all here. Foursquare Brandbook Need some creativity? Foursquare can help you there! Their style guide feature their latest icons, colourful palettes, typography for print and web and even how to use their crown icons! Their colourful badges and iconography really sets them apart in the market and is a great starting point for any style guide enthusiast. Check out their quick links to logos, templates and their own Brand Guidelines manual!

The guidelines walk through their core identity, colour palette, typography, imagery and voice. Spotify This Spotify guide is edgy and fun! With a entertaining slide show, you will be blown away by the layout. Visually attractive using its vibrant greens, it is also informative. It does take time to navigate the guide, but it covers what you need to know. There are plenty of charts and grids to detail the look and feel.

Join in on the fun and take a look via issue here. The user is systematically guided on joining, getting started and utilising several tools that are made available on the page. Also provided there are help centre and instructions on the terms of privacy. Tedx Tokyo The Tedx Tokyo style guide is a visual delight!

It provides an amazing glimpse into the marketing materials organised by the community in Tokyo. The idea of using both English and Japanese in the promotional brochures is innovative and helpful in invoking local support. Join the movement and take a look via pinterest here.

Disqus The Disqus style guide has plenty of examples of colour and icons! The charts also capture great information and are incredibly informative. KFC The KFC brand identity standard manual is designed to set suitable standards for international market with access limited to specific users mentioned inside. There's an overview on the additions to the master logo and its several formats intended to revitalise the original colonel icon targeting the young and the old alike, as the company marches along 21st century.

The formatting of the branded logo in apparels, the design for secondary graphics and the express logo also get a mention here. To top it all, instructions to download all these are also provided. Take a look through it all here! Instructions with help support to download the logo are provided. Apart from the login and sign up buttons, there are download, sell and send buttons with drop downs showing options of service the user may wish to choose.

To add to the convenience, this manual even provides sitemap, and job buttons. Check out the style guide via paypals online website here. Barricade The success of a company can be dependant on how it presents itself in the market.

A style guide is a great tool for achieving this! With great colour schemes, custom fonts, and graphics, this is a place where fun begins. Check it out via their online website here. There are great charts to explain colour and line usage, as well as how to properly use the logo. They use standard typeface of selected weights of Helvetica font with internal substitutions of Aerial font. Logitech The Logitech style guide has a well-furnished structure where any information the viewer might be after is just a click away.

At the bottom, the pages for career, special offers, contact and those detailing terms of use and returning policy are found.

Icon usage

Even the images of company logos and executives are supplied. FedEx Nobody likes a complicated style guide. The FedEx guide is very straight forward and easy to use. They use a simple font and easy to understand table of contents that is uncomplicated and hassle free! Detailed graphs and images complete the overall look of this guide to illustrate how to use colour and logo. Grey Goose There's a great use of colour in this style guide! It's both easy to read and to navigate with plenty of pictures to show the look and feel of the brand.

The guide emphasizes the haute couture vibe and modern feel through both its colour and font! Have a look via greygooseindia here. Black Watch Global This style guide is modern and focuses on the flexibility of brand identity. The colour palette is mostly muted blue and gray, with black typeface. For some colourful ideas, check it out here. Intel Want a step by step manual on logo use and colour?

The brand is simple white font on blue background. There are strict guidelines on how to use the logo or trademarks of Intel's products. For more insights, check it out here. Ikea The IKEA style guide provides an insight into the origin, growth and way of operation of the company. Beginning with the basics, it provides explicit instructions that leaves no room for doubt, on the precise design of the company logo, business card and envelope. There is a noteworthy section on promotional items like post cards coupons and banners.

Last but not the least, there is a note on storage and packaging items too. All in all, this is a storehouse of information. Take a look via issuu. Medium The pictures in this guide really make an impact! Using medium primary colours in dark, white, and a bright green to create the Medium brand, the logo really pops and is appealing to the viewer.

The use of weighted font keeps everything interesting and visually fresh. Check it all out via behance here. They use large font and very clear directions on how to use colour and font.

They really leave no room for error with such clear do's and don'ts. The visual examples are great. The guide is simple and easily understandable!

Check it out via behance here. View the full WhatsApp style guide here. View the full Skype style guide here. Snapchat Brand Guidelines As a young, fast-growing social media brand, SnapChat has made many different kinds of waves. View the full Snapchat style guide here. LinkedIn Brand Guidelines Given LinkedIn is all about connecting the business world and building your personal brand, it would make sense that they have developed a strong style guide.

LinkedIn promotes a clean, cross-cultural image that all their users can quickly identify.

They cover everything from downloadable assets, color palettes, and social media etiquette. View the full LinkedIn style guide here. Microsoft Brand Guidelines Microsoft has a multitude of brands under their umbrella, and keeping track of all of them is a complicated task.

View the full Microsoft style guide here. They have a large portfolio with multiple reseller and consultant programs so the rules need to perfect. View the full Adobe style guide here. It makes sense that their brand style guide is comprehensive and visually appealing.

They take advantage of whitespace when needed and use high-quality photography everywhere else. View the full Instagram style guide here.The guide covers a lot of the do's and don'ts of advertising the brand. Leave a note in the comments for others to check it out! The guide is easy to follow and understand. Save your project as a PDF. There are great charts to explain colour and line usage, as well as how to properly use the logo.

Superbig Creative. They are the template for which an entire public persona is created.