AZURE STREAKS FLASHED and danced, blue shifted stars shapeless blurs in the speed of her passage. Atlantis cruised through hyperspace with the majesty. Stargate Atlantis: Homecoming | SGCommand | FANDOM powered STARGATE ATLANTIS: Homecoming. Picking up where the show's final season ended. do, 28 mrt GMT stargate atlantis homecoming book pdf -. Stargate Atlantis follows the present-day adventures of Major John Sheppard and his.

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homecoming sga 16 stargate atlantis legacy: the case of wagner the homecoming sga 16 [pdf, epub ebook] - stargate atlantis homecoming sga 16 pdf file. Stargate Atlantis: Legacy has 1 entries in the series. Stargate Atlantis Legacy Homecoming - [FREE] [PDF] [EPUB] Stargate Homecoming [Ebooks] Stargate Atlantis follows the present-day.

They're wrong. With the help of General Jack O'Neill , Atlantis rises once more and the former members of the Atlantis expedition must decide whether to return with her to Pegasus or to remain safely on Earth in the new lives they enjoy These all new adventures take the Atlantis team back to the Pegasus galaxy where a terrible new enemy has emerged, an enemy that threatens their lives, their friendships—and the future of Earth itself.

The team assumes that this is a temporary respite before the city returns to Pegasus, but it becomes clear that the IOA and its member governments would like to keep the city on Earth.

Richard Woolsey recruits Teyla to be 'the face' for the people of Pegasus, and she and the rest of the team throw themselves into the unfamiliar political arena. Despite their best efforts, the IOA's decision goes against them: Atlantis is to remain on Earth, to be slowly dismantled for its technology. This hits the team hard, but there seems to be nothing left that they can do about it.

Rodney McKay resigns in a temper, and takes a job at Area 51; Jennifer Keller goes with him, and they begin to build a new life together. Colonel Samantha Carter , now in command of the George Hammond, begins siphoning off the cream of Atlantis 's military personnel for her new ship; she also invites both Ronon and Teyla to join her team, as advisors.

John Sheppard is left in limbo. There's no place for him on the Hammond, and neither Woolsey nor O'Neill will accept his resignation.

The only good thing about still being on the city is that he is able to thwart the IOA's attempt to take Guide, the captive Wraith known as Todd , for medical experimentation. Instead, John and Dr.

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Carson Beckett succeed in putting him into stasis, but that is only a temporary solution. O'Neill, however, has one last card to play. As Atlantis has landed in US territorial waters, he claims the city for the United States, and in the ensuing uproar, the IOA agrees to send Atlantis back rather than see it fall into the sole possession of any one country.

Woolsey resumes command, and the team reassembles to prepare the city for departure before the IOA can change its mind. Atlantis lifts from Earth, and begins the long trip to Pegasus.

Despite the shortened preparations, everything seems to be going well - until a hyperdrive emitter fails, throwing them out of hyperspace and using up nearly all of the power in their ZPM. There is a single planet close enough to reach at slower-than-light speeds. It's a cold world without a stargate, but it's their only choice. After a difficult flight, John successfully lands the city, but there's not enough power left in the ZPM to move the city or gate back to Earth.

The crew reestablishes contact with their old allies in Pegasus, only to discover that things have not been going well in their absence. The Wraith have united under a new queen who calls herself Death , and they have destroyed a number of human worlds.


As the team investigates the devastation on Manaria, Todd manages to escape, only to discover that he has lost control of his alliance and has only a single hive under his command. In a bid to weaken Queen Death and regain his former power, Todd informs Atlantis of the location of the queen's next great attack.

Trusting Todd is always a gamble, but John sees this as a chance to stop Queen Death in her tracks. The team travels to the planet Levanna, where they join with the local ruler and a detachment of Genii to wait for Queen Death 's attack.

The Wraith arrive in force, Darts and drone infantry backed by a hiveship in orbit. The battle is close and hard-fought, but at last the Wraith retreat. For the first time, Queen Death has been defeated, and even if it's only temporary, it's a boost for humans throughout Pegasus.

However, Queen Death's response is rapid and devastating. Atlantis receives a distress call from New Athos, warning of a Culling.

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John leads the team through, only to find - nothing. There has been no attack; everything is perfectly normal in the settlement.

Todd — starving near death — won't feed on someone who looks like John Sheppard, and John won't let the scientists on Earth use Todd as a lab rat. It ends on a major cliffhanger, with an essential character captured by the Wraith. An entertaining story, but slow to get off the ground. The first half is set on Earth, with all the politics of intergalactic policy and governance.

The writing quality is okay, however, the authors have included too many inner thoughts, memories of TV episode plots, feelings, etc. Also, they are creating a thing between Sheppard and Teyla, and ending her affair with Kanaan, Torren's father. I'd rather not go there.

PDF STARGATE ATLANTIS: Homecoming (Book one in the Legacy series) (Stargate Atlantis: Legacy

Too soapy. This book feels quite different from the television series, yet it belongs within the same space, if that makes sense.

The quality is what I generally get in fanfic, which is not a point against this author. So let me start with what I liked.John leads the team through, only to find - nothing.

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As much as the story began to tie up some loose ends, there were also some it cheated on, and some reasonings that didn't feel right. Overall, I give the book 3.