[PDF] Download The Magic of Reality: How We Know What's Really True Ebook | READ ONLINE Download at. Editorial Reviews. Unknown. “From the first sentence it reads with the force and fluency of a classic a luminous, authoritative prose that transcends age. The Magic of Reality by Richard Dawkins - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. occult.

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But there is another kind of magic, and it lies in the exhilaration of discovering the real answers to these questions. It is the magic of reality. The Magic of Reality - An Evening with Richard Dawkins will see him discussing his new book,. The Magic of Reality, which uses stunning. Have you ever watched a flower, a tree, a painting or a work of architecture and have you felt the effect it has on you? Have you ever noticed how the reality can.

The Vikings believed a rainbow was the gods' bridge to earth. These are magical, extraordinary tales. But there is another kind of magic, and it lies in the exhilaration of discovering the real answers to these questions. It is the magic of reality - science. Packed with inspiring explanations of space, time and evolution, laced with humour and clever thought experiments, The Magic of Reality explores a stunningly wide range of natural phenomena.

What is stuff made of? How old is the universe? What causes tsunamis? Who was the first man, or woman?

This is a page-turning, inspirational detective story that not only mines all the sciences for its clues but primes the reader to think like a scientist too. Richard Dawkins elucidates the wonders of the natural world to all ages with his inimitable clarity and exuberance in a text that will enlighten and inform for generations to come.

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Contact us Contact us Offices Media contacts Catalogues. Home The Magic of Reality. Black Swan Published: Time and time again he wrote about things that I'd previously only half understood, and made them crystal clear.

I feel hugely grateful to him. Highly recommended. View all 35 comments. View all 5 comments. Sep 15, Emily rated it liked it. I'm a big fan of Dawkins ever since reading The Selfish Gene many many years ago. However, I was very disppointed in this book, which is so basic that it shouldn't contain surprises for anyone who graduated from high school.

There were no surprises and nothing really new - the most interesting part for me was how each chapter is introduced with an example of a myth that people have made up to explain some natural phenomenon, which the rest of the chapter then explains.

I found the majority of it I'm a big fan of Dawkins ever since reading The Selfish Gene many many years ago. I found the majority of it plodding, basic, and disappointing.

There was nothing at all in the book's description on Audible that indicated this. However, if that's the case then it's a good, clear, basic introduction for a kid around years old. On that basis I'll give it 3 stars. As an adult book, which was my expectation of it, it was very basic stuff and came across rather condescending quite a lot of the time. Marks against the publisher for not making the intended audience extremely clear in the summary. Oct 12, Noah rated it liked it. I live in the United States in the 21st century.

There is no greater danger to our species and our civilization right now than religious crazies. How can we ask our businesses to change the way they do business so as to prevent climate change if half of the country doesn't believe in scientific evidence?

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Or worse yet, if they expect a big bearded man to come down and bail us out if things get too bad? What about the people who believe that the world will end, in the next few years, with a war in I live in the United States in the 21st century. What about the people who believe that the world will end, in the next few years, with a war in the Middle East?

What if their faith leads them to believe we should go to war to make this come about? Yes, these are scary people and there are a lot of them. I'd like to think that Mr. Dawkins had these people in mind when he wrote this book. It may be too late for the current generation who have turned their minds off and handed over their rational thought in exchange for "faith.

From that perspective, this is an important and incredible book. It is a blow struck for logic over foolishness. But all the way through, I did find myself having mixed feelings. I don't think Mr. Dawkins really understands the purpose of the old myths and legends. The distinction between fairy tales and mythology seems to be missing from his understanding.

When the old stories about the "gods" and nature of reality were written, they were neither meant to be "just so stories" nor were all of them intended to take the place of science. While he chooses to use the myths throughout his book to make his own book more entertaining, he clearly looks down on them and shows no consciousness that there is a deeper level of meaning to be found in mythology: I would suggest he sit down and re-read his Joseph Campbell.

The mythological creation of the world, the end of the world, the nature of mythological reality was never meant to be science. It was often meant to represent the internal journey of mankind. On page he writes, "We don't have to invent wildly implausible stories: And in the end that is more exciting than fantasy. Can't we mature to the point at which we are able to partake in scientific investigation on Mondays and mythological investigation on Wednesdays?

Can't we be trusted to learn the difference and keep them apart? Science cannot help us with questions of existence. It will never help us with "How ought I act? There are snide remarks here and there aimed at Astrology, aliens, and such.

He may be right about many of them, but the attacks lack any logical depth. Overall, I would certainly recommend this book to any and all children of the right reading level, but I would also want to talk to that child as they were reading it. Maybe take them for a walk in the woods and teach them about talking to the trees. There certainly is more in the world we actually experience than is dreamnt of in Mr.

Dawkins' science. Dave McKean, as always, is a master. His artwork is well worth the price of the book all by itself. He gets 16 stars.

View all 6 comments. Aug 03, Imane rated it really liked it Shelves: Apr 16, Shaimaa Ali rated it really liked it. Ilustracije su pomaknute , zanimljive i dobro su uklopljene u knjigu. Uz 10 glavnih poglavlja: Tko je bio prva osoba?

Jesmo li sami? Tu je i prvo poglavlje, kao svojevrsni uvod: Ako negdje zapnete - uzmite ovu knjigu! Oct 30, Antonia rated it liked it Shelves: Great book: Kids are naturally curious and fascinated by how the world works. They're also susceptible to all kinds of nonsense, of course. This much-needed book fill s a gap between simplistic kids' books and adult science books.

Also, we need books that help kids understand, not just the facts of the world, but how we know them and, more generally, how do we know whether something's true or not? And I should think this book would b Great book: And I should think this book would be invaluable to parents, a good many of whom could probably not explain natural selection, DNA, plate tectonics, or probability.

Where else could one find so much in one book? And the illustrations by Dave McKean are astonishing —though somewhat overwhelming. Sometimes too large and distracting. I don't like the weirdly formatted titles with mixed, funky fonts in different colors and sizes within the same title, that is. But that's me. I couldn't tell what age group he's addressing. I read somewhere that he's said about age 12 and up. But sometimes he sounds he's talking to six-year-olds. At other times, he uses terms like "the scientific method.

The tone bugged me all the way through. The best children's books are those that don't talk down, that adults can enjoy just as much as a year-old. I didn't always find that to be true of this one.

I had some mixed feelings about the content, though — not the scientific content, but the way he makes fun of myths, etc. Okay, they're not literally true, but. There's a difference between fairytales and mythology.

As another Goodreads reviewer Noah has said: I didn't care for the authorial intrusion. Noah also quotes Dawkins here: I would love to see this book reviewed by some year-olds.

Apparently, there's a very cool iPad version, which I haven't seen. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. View all 4 comments. Sep 30, Book rated it it was amazing Shelves: A note for all my goodreads friends, if you like my review please go to site and click the like button. It would help my "reviewer cred".

Thanks and enjoy this wonderful book. Professor Dawkins is on a mission of education and in this enlightening book he reaches a younger audience by introducing science like only he can.

In one A note for all my goodreads friends, if you like my review please go to site and click the like button. In one of the most beautifully illustrated science books, he takes the reader on a ride on a wide-range of topics of interest that masterfully navigates between myth and what is real.

This mesmerizing page book is composed of the following twelve chapters: What is reality? What is magic?

The Magic of Reality: How We Know What's Really True

What is an earthquake? Why do bad things happen? What is a miracle? A wonderful book on science that is accessible to a younger audience without compromising the science lovers in all of us. It's a book written by the great Richard Dawkins, so you know the quality goes in before the product goes out. A true labor of love. The educator in Professor Dawkins comes out and now even our children will benefit from his prodigious knowledge.

One of the most beautifully illustrated books you will ever find. Great quality binding only matched by its substance. Science knowledge conveyed in a brilliant, lucid manner. Great format.

The Magic of Reality

In each chapter, Professor Dawkins illustrates clearly the difference between the wishful and what is "really" real. What a wonderful way to learn about science. Great practical examples throughout this beautiful book. A ride of knowledge, hop on! Readers of all ages will enjoy this great book. Even-handed and pleasant tone throughout. A wide range of fascinating science topics in the hands of the master. Great wisdom throughout, "We should always be open-minded, but the only good reason to believe that something exists is if there is real evidence that it does".

The book cleverly goes from myth to reality. The concept of magic in three tiers: Evolution in the hands of the master. Was there ever a first person? Insightful indeed. The best illustrated example I've ever read. Great explanation on DNA. Clever examples throughout, one of the many strengths of this book. A wide range of fascinating science topic in the hands of a master.

The three common phases of matter. The importance of the scientific meyhod.

The concept of empty space I finally get it. The importance of carbons, organic chemistry. Telling that there are no myths to describe atoms So what causes the difference between winter and summer The illusion of relative movement.

The great Isaac Newton. Gravity, lights The difference between mass and weight. A great illustration of how far stars are from us. How coal is created. Differences between stars and planets. Energy and the sun. What determines the size of a star? Find out. The epic of Gilgamesh. Rainbow as an illusion and how they are formed. Lights as vibrations I see. Steady state versus the Big Bang theory. How we determine the distance between anything in the universe.

How we determine age. Spectral barcoders Methods for detecting planets. The keys for life on other planets. Plate tectonics illustrated, wonderful. The speed of continents, sea-floor spreading Myths debunked. Practical explanation for probability. Great examples of evolution How the immune system works.

Miracles what they are. David Hume's irrefutable logic regarding miracles and many great examples. Absolutely sites the fire of learning. An excellent gift for all occasions. The book is intended for a younger audience and covers briefly a lot of topics. If you are expecting an in-depth analysis. This is not the book for you. No bibliography. In summary, a fabulous book for all to enjoy. I usually limit my downloads to site books because of the convenience but I'm glad I was "forced" to download this book in hardcover binding.

It's a beautiful book inside and out. Substance finally matches style and it's a science book for all to enjoy and for years to come. There is a sense of awe, a poetic magic for reality. For all his knowledge, Professor Dawkins is humbled by what little we do know and how much more we need to find out about the world. It's precisely this drive to know more and that hunger for knowledge that I always wanted to convey to my children.

Finally, I have a book that expresses my sentiments and I have Richard Dawkins to thank!

Mar 11, Elizabeta rated it it was amazing. Dawkins fans, inquisitive young folks. Dawkins here seeks to enthuse young minds about science: Indeed, it is inherently an encouragement to learn and to challenge one's intellect, rather than to remain ignorant. Each chapter addresses a question about the world: Dawkins commences in each case by recoun Dawkins here seeks to enthuse young minds about science: Dawkins commences in each case by recounting myths from around the world.What is the sun?

What is a miracle? There is also one very dubious part. A ride of knowledge, hop on! It's either that, or look ignorant in front of your children as their knowledge surpasses yours by age fifteen. In fact I have changed my mind about what I said in the above paragraph The best children's books are those that don't talk down, that adults can enjoy just as much as a year-old.