General Knowledge Questions With Answers - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. primary/basic education. Enactment of which of the .. predict that terrorist will set off an atom bomb in the USA by General Knowledge India (Part One) – Free E-Book – Download Pdf. September 14 This is the Part One of our GK Pdf. We will upload more E-Books in this week. The Topics we Complete list · GK Quiz on Geography. general knowledge questions and answers. Pages·· MB· 4, Downloads. Tara. Who won the Superbowl. Washington Redskins.

Basic General Knowledge Questions And Answers 2013 Pdf

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Online General Knowledge questions and answers for interview preparation, competitive examination and entrance test. Basic General Knowledge. Welcome to GK (General Knowledge) Quiz Archive of GKToday. This section comprises GK Questions from to on static subjects. Only selected Important Questions to improve Kids basic Gk knowledge. simple G K questions for kids 1. Which is the largest animal in the world? Answer.

Which is the southernmost point of india? Answer: Indira point Present Indian station at Antarctica?

Answer: Bharati Present Indian station at arctic region? Answer: Indarc Kelvin scale is the unit of? Who is the inventor of electricity?

Answer: Benjamin Franklin Who is the inventor of electric Bulb? Answer: Thomas Alva Edison Who is the inventor of Television?

Answer: John Logie Baird Who is the inventor of Barometer? Answer: Evangelista Torricelli Who is the inventor of Radio?

General Knowledge Questions With Answers

Answer: Marconi Which was the first linguistic state in independent India? Answer: Andhra Pradesh Answer: Cullinan Answer: Morarji Desai Who is the father of computer science?

Answer: Alan Turing Which is world's first coin? Answer: Lydian coin Uri dam is constructed across the river?

Answer: Jhalam Which is the lightest metal? Answer: Lithium Answer: Carcross Desert, canada Who is the chairman of Rajya sabha?

Answer: The Vice President Who is the chairman of Niti aayog? Who is the first women prime minister of India? Answer: Indira Gandhi Who was the first women president of India? Answer: Pratibha Devisingh Patil The state which is known as "Sugar bowl of India"?

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Answer: Uttar Pradesh The instrument used to measure Blood pressure? Answer: Sphygmomanometer Though one study found that extraversion and neuroticism were negatively correlated with general knowledge, [7] others found that they were unrelated.

In a comparison between male and female university students in 19 domains of academic knowledge, males had greater knowledge in 14 domains, especially in physical science and technology , but also in humanities and civics. A study of university students in Northern Ireland found that males scored higher in general knowledge than females, as well as in 12 of 19 specific knowledge domains.

Females scored moderately higher than males in medicine and cookery. The authors of this study suggested that this male advantage most likely reflects differences in interests rather than differences in verbal or memory ability.

General knowledge test scores predicted exam results, even after controlling for IQ, five factor model personality traits, and learning styles. Proofreading[ edit ] General knowledge has been found to robustly predict proofreading skills in university students.

General Awareness Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

In a multiple regression analysis using general knowledge, general intelligence, verbal reasoning, five factor personality traits, and learning styles as predictors, only general knowledge was a significant predictor.

Creativity[ edit ] General knowledge has been found to have weak associations with measures of creativity.

The relationship between general knowledge and divergent thinking became non-significant when controlling for fluid intelligence. Game shows and quizzes[ edit ] Many game shows use general knowledge questions.Satyendranath Tagore BSC banking service chronicle magazine January pdf is the exact replica of the original magazine, can also be termed as the digital edition.

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Questions drawn from the game Trivial Pursuit have been utilised in a number of psychological experiments concerning general knowledge.

He was The gas predominantly responsible for global warming is 1 Carbon dioxide 2 Carbon monoxide 3 Nitrous oxide 4 Nitrogen peroxide 4. Most political parties support Khap Panchayats.

The Niwano Peace Foundation Japan established the Niwano Peace Prize to honor and encourage individuals and organizations that have contributed significantly to inter-religious cooperation, thereby furthering the cause of world peace, and to make their achievements known as widely as possible.